z86VM Beta 3 Update for June 5, 2014

z86VM Beta 3 Update for June 5, 2014.

1. Yesterday, we spoke of a problem with the mutually exclusive nature between SME and DSL. Our crackerjack staff solved that, but there are some installation changes to be made. In particular, the USER DIRECT definition of the IO server z/VM guest needs some modification and a new variable needs to be added or used for a z86VM user definition in PROFILE Z86. The Operations Manual has been updated in both sections 3. Define z86VM userids on page 29 of the current manual and in Appendix C in the Troubleshooting Guide.

2. Two other areas of potential concern were added to Appendix C – Troubleshooting Guide. If you see a lot of NIC related messages on any z/VM guest, they were put there to assist the z86VM developers. While they may appear to be ominous, have no fear, they are just making your screen beep when it scrolls to the next page. In the other area, the first time you operate SME Server-Manager from a web browser, you may be presented with an even scarier message that this system may not be trusted. Again, that’s because the beta code was built on a Mantissa machine and a digital certificate was grabbed from there. Now that it’s on your system, the digital certificate doesn’t match. Add the exception for now, as this is only Beta. For a real production environment, you’d want to make sure this was your digital certificate mapped to this particular system image. We’ll update how to to that as we approach General Availability.

3. Thanks to those that provided some nice feedback on the Beta so far. For those others attempting to install, again, any problems, don’t hesitate to ask via comment here or email us at support@mantissa.com.


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