iDovos: Commerce Benefits

Protecting your identity should be as easy as flipping a switch…

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Now it is that easy

The iDovos® ID fraud prevention system, developed by Mantissa Corporation, protects identity by giving you pinpoint control over when and how your identity is used. Credit and debit cards, bank and brokerage accounts, personal credit, and even identification numbers and official documentation can all be protected with the ease and simplicity of “flipping a switch.”


Positive Identity Control

Benefits to Commerce

Positive Identity Control (PIC) requires extending an existing authorization process to determine the intent of an individual relative to use of their identity for each request, asset or protected transaction. You can view PIC as the equivalent of an owner controlled electronic switch capable of setting an identity asset’s state to ON or OFF. If identity use is not permitted at a specific point in time for a specific identity asset the transaction should be denied without further evaluation. Otherwise, the processing proceeds in a normal manner.

Consumer reporting agencies, transaction processors, financial service institutions and governmental agencies may each be subscription agents for iDovos PIC accounts.


ID Use State Determination

If an account is PIC-enabled, the authorization system determines the identity state for each transaction.

For low-volume authorization systems, this determination can be made by issuing a query in the form of a web services transaction executed against the iDovos site.

For high volume systems, a local database can be accessed to determine identity use state. These local database tables are updated by iDovos at each processor site. Each time the (identity use) state of an account changes, the resultant state is updated in the table located at the processor site.


Asset Registration

Asset registration requires storage of an identity asset token for each account electing PIC support. Tokens are unique externally generated values created by the iDovos service. Each token provides a means of communicating identity state information about an account without disclosing use-enabling information. Assets may be registered by a subscription agent during the iDovos account activation process or individually upon the request of the asset holder of record (a CRA, card processor or account issuer).


Your Revenue Growth

Offering iDovos to your user base is not just forward leaning in the battle against identity theft. If your company is the primary subscriber for iDovos accounts, substantial recurring revenue can be generated from subscription fees. If you do not subscribe the account but offer PIC protection to the account holder, the resulting transaction fees can also be substantial. If you process for multiple card issuers, iDovos can help you attract new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers.