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In 1980 Mantissa released a software product that permanently changed report document management and created an entirely new software market segment.

Four years before that date one of Mantissa’s founding members worked on the implementation of the last commercially available copy of a software system designed to support credit card processing.  After that sale, ClientX recognized that packaged merchant solutions and nonstop transaction processing were the future.

Today, this company processes over 32 billion transactions a year. Nonstop growth demands nonstop availability and unlimited capacity. The workload is brutal and system failure is not an option.  From the beginning, ClientX has relied on the robustness of IBM software and hardware to guarantee management of explosive growth unimpeded by limits. IBM is the only source for the degree of reliability and capacity required. 

In 1991, when ClientX selected RMS for 24×7 report management, Mantissa was in its element. No other output management system (then or now) has comparable abilities to ingest, distribute, and archive reports.  At that time a single report management repository could span 254 disk volumes and contain 3.4 million datasets.  Today, a CACHE array repository could encompass thousands of disk volumes holding up to 680 million instantly available documents.

Performance guarantees can exact heavy penalties. ClientX has configured RMS in such a way that output produced by 87 million transactions a day can be managed and, if required, immediately failover and continue processing on an alternate CPU in the data center. Their approach is an elegant solution that employs RMS as an essential component.

Windows® RMS/Desktop is used by their customers as a proven way to save time and leverage the power of information available in their reports. Desktop provides advanced viewing, data mining, and archive capabilities. Work smart, not hard. Overnight, immediately after receiving their reports, ClientX customers can automatically have their report data stored, mined, and placed in any number of spreadsheets. More on that later.

Why are customers like ClientX so important? It’s simple. They make our company and our software better.

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