Mantissa: The Power of Experience

For more than three decades Mantissa Corporation has delivered the power of automation to data centers worldwide. Power not only to answer immediate requirements, but to meet the needs of the expanding enterprise as well. Mantissa invented automated report distribution and output management in 1981. Since that time, we have continuously led the way in developing systems to meet the real- world needs of data center automation.

A philosophy as unique as our products

Our one and only business is the development and support of data center management systems. This straightforward approach gives us a special understanding of your current needs and a strategic vision for tomorrow.

Mantissa offers comprehensive, integrated solutions for automated production control and report management. More important, we offer the power of the future – every product we deliver is designed to fully utilize existing and developing technologies.

Advanced Datacenter Management SolutionsADMS(OfficialSplash

Leading the Way in Automation.

Technology to address the human side of automation

At Mantissa, we know that automation is far more than technology – it’s also people. That’s why we provide exceptional levels of personal service and support. Our staff of experts is available to answer your questions, give advice and listen to your suggestions. Mantissa’s support services, like our products, are second to none.

Experience, vision, future compatibility and personal service. They’re all part of our total commitment to your success. They’re all Mantissa.

The Challenge:

New approaches to Automation

Today’s enterprise faces tougher challenges than ever. Massive amounts of information must be processed, stored accessed and utilized. All information must be instantly and transparently available everywhere within the organization. Diverse systems and the people using them must work together in a seamless and totally open way. More and more operations must be automated, but conventional automation systems often can’t do the job.

The enterprise needs solutions that go beyond conventional. The enterprise needs Mantissa.

Mantissa: extending the possibilities

At Mantissa Corporation, we provide Advanced Datacenter Management Solutions to cut costs, improve efficiency and position your operation for lasting growth and success. Our products represent innovative advances that go beyond the short-term fix. Software to extend your reach and move your operation to new heights of automation. With Mantissa, your data center will become more efficient, more effective, easier to manage and more open to future technologies.

We’ve been there (over 3 decades)

Our background includes in-depth knowledge and experience in data center operations. We’ve been there, and that makes Mantissa uniquely capable of building products to answer your needs and propel your business forward. Equally important, we actively seek the ideas and opinions of our customers. What does that mean for you? It means products that go beyond expectations. It means that, as a customer, you have an effect on future development. It means that you’ll have the tools necessary to meet today’s challenges and take advantage of future possibilities.

A work of solutions

Corporations worldwide rely on Mantissa for trouble-free data center automation. We provide advances, innovative software products to automate every data center activity, including output management, systems operations, and document distribution. With seamless operation, easy third party integration and flexible networking, our products give you a world of solutions for your data center needs.

Plus the support to back them up

Our customers get more than just products. They get the soul of a company. We stand behind every product we sell, with thorough training, in-depth service and unmatched support. Our technicians support you during the entire installation process and are there to help answer questions. Your employees are trained on-site to be completely familiar with the system. Instruction can be scheduled at our headquarters as well, with introductory classes, refresher courses and system updates provided year-round. Beyond that, extensive telephone support puts a staff of experts at your service to answer questions, give operational direction and listen to your suggestions.

Powerful products for powerful results

All Mantissa products work together in a seamless and totally cohesive way. In addition, we keep our systems open to third party products, providing you with both vertical and lateral integration. Open design and extensibility help you take advantage of developing technologies, keeping your operation current at all times. Mantissa’s products are, in every way, designed to answer your needs in the real world of data center automation.

A Commitment Beyond the Data Center

Environmental concern has always been a high priority at Mantissa. By improving the efficiency of the business world, we are proud that our products also help the world itself. The efficient data center prints fewer reports, consumes less resource, gets more work done in less time and produces less waste – which saves space in landfills, uses less energy, and reduces industrial pollution associated with the business process as a whole.

Ultimately, efficient data centers produce a better world to live in and that can help us all breathe a little easier

The Power of Mantissa

Perhaps the most important feature of ADMS is the company behind the product. Not only does our strategic vision and commitment go into every system we develop, we also back your operation with in-depth experience, superior service and unmatched support.

At Mantissa we provide advanced data center management solutions to help you cut costs, improve efficiency and position your operation for lasting growth and success.