iDovos: Consumer Benefits – FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                                       

Q: Does iDovos store personal information?

A: No. Absolutely no transaction-enabling information is stored in your iDovos account. iDovos monitors and continuously transmits the availability status of the assets you’ve designated, communicating that status to credit lenders, consumer reporting agencies, banks and brokerage firms – in short, any enterprise responsible for processing transactions involving registered  assets.

Q: Does having an iDovos account increase my exposure to identity theft?

A: No. As mentioned above, iDovos contains no personal information which could be used by an identity thief to conduct transactions in your name. There is only that information which is specific to your account, e.g. username and password, and access availability information for each specified asset. The actual identity information associated with each asset is stored by the second-party credit lender, consumer reporting agency, etc., with whom you’ve already established a working relationship. Even if someone were to somehow gain access to your iDovos account, it would be like breaking into an empty house; there is nothing inside of any value to a thief.

Q: Does iDovos protect only financial assets?

A: In addition to financial assets, identity assets such as social security numbers, tax ID numbers, passports, etc., can also be registered with iDovos. The principle of protection remains the same irrespective of the nature of the asset itself.

Q: Is iDovos a credit monitoring service?

A: No, iDovos is neither a credit monitoring service nor credit remediation service. Rather, it monitors and communicates assets availability status, as designated by you the account holder, to second-party transactors and verification services.

Q: Where do I subscribe to iDovos?

A: You will soon be able to establish an account through participating asset providers offering iDovos as a personal identity management service offering.

Q: How much will a subscription with iDovos cost?

A: Subscription to iDovos is charged on a monthly basis, with rates variable according to account content volume.