Customer Experiences

Martin Absil, Mantissa’s agent in Africa, states that one of their large international banking organizations

“uses RMS/DeskTop in just about every way possible. Mostly and primarily, they use it as a report repository as it is far cheaper to access data on a server than on a mainframe. This is due to the transaction costs on a mainframe. Without elaborating too much on the specific functions of RMS/DeskTop it is many things to many areas within this organization.”

“Data extraction is very high on the list of valuable features and coupled with the auto export function, data can be seamlessly passed to other systems e.g. Cognos Cube, Excel etc. Data collection for fraud cases and forensics is also extensive.”

“I think it would be fair to say that every feature and function in RMS/DeskTop is used in  by one or other department and as they are still growing there, new users  will continue to expand the usefulness. ROI is achieved by charging customers for specialized extractions of which there are many.”

Peter James of Mantissa’s European office states

“One large western European customer has been running RMS/DeskTop for about 18 months now and use it predominantly for report viewing by individuals throughout the organization.”

“Their feedback has stated that the reports are available much faster than accessing reports via the mainframe and of course transport and paper costs are greatly reduced as hard copy reports are no longer being physically delivered to their individual branches  which are widely spread across western Europe.”

“Next year we expect to see their use of RMS/DeskTop expand as they rely more heavily on server use and less and less mainframe utilization – they already envisage quite substantial cost savings on mainframe time alone.”

Bill Paracca of Mantissa’s Corporate office states

“governmental and financial institutions in the United States, Europe, Africa and the far East continue to realize efficiency and  savings in report distribution costs using RMS/DeskTop. Installations of over one thousand (1,000) copies of RMS/DeskTop are not unheard of in some of these installations.”

“The primary benefit of RMS/DeskTop to our customers is simplicity of delivery of soft-copy reports to specific agencies, departments and individuals in a secure method. Management forensic analysis of report data helps management teams understand the financial and productivity dynamics of their organization, identify areas of short-fall and increase productivity. The bottom line is that RMS/DeskTop reduces costs of report data distribution and increases productivity while maintaining security and audit trails to that report data.”