About Mantissa

Our Focus

…is on your business and helping to enhance and improve your business process through the application of technology. Mantissa delivered the first commercially available mainframe report distribution system in 1981. This system completely changed mainframe output management. Almost a quarter of a century later, we still deliver the most industrial strength family of output management systems.

We are a privately held corporation, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama with sales and support offices located worldwide. Our commitment to customers has enabled us to provide comprehensive solutions for the most demanding datacenter environments. Our flagship product line, Advanced Output Management, provides fully automated 24×7 output management based on the most advanced technology in the industry. AOM extensions like RMS/Online® and RMS/DeskTop® provide seamless access to reports and other content via the WWW or client-server environments.

Increasing Business Velocity

“Business Velocity” is a term we use to refer to the rate at which an enterprise can make fact-based decisions crucial to its growth. Our systems are designed to increase that velocity by helping you deliver, analyze, and focus your most import business information assets.

Delivering more than software

We deliver output management strategy. If your company doesn’t have such a strategy or it currently has products installed that leave you wondering if there isn’t a better way, contact us and let’s begin a serious dialogue on how to fast-track your output management goals.