AOM RMS/DeskTop3

RMS/DeskTop3, (DT3) is a comprehensive output management and productivity tool for client-server environments. Friendly and easy to use, the DT3 Viewer client provides the casual user with full-page viewing, printing, searching and the ability to work with multiple reports. For the more advanced user DT3 provides automatic index table creation, reformatting, exporting, forms overlay, highlighting and sticky notes annotation. For power-users, DT3 provides data mining, adhoc extractions, index table spreadsheet filtering, CD/ROM production or distribution.

The DT3 Server provides an online database repository. Reports coming from mainframe applications are automatically downloaded using RMS/Spool. Versioning support and indexed field table creation are automatic at download import time. Report archiving is also automated. Security, auditability, affordability, reliability, flexibility and ease of use make DT3 the leading choice for enterprise solutions.