iDovos: Identity Control

Protecting your identity should be as easy as flipping a switch…

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Now it is that easy

The iDovos® ID fraud prevention system, developed by Mantissa Corporation, protects identity by giving you pinpoint control over when and how your identity is used. Credit and debit cards, bank and brokerage accounts, personal credit, and even identification numbers and official documentation can all be protected with the ease and simplicity of “flipping a switch.”

iDovos prevents identity theft

iDovos is not a credit monitoring service and it does not store any social security, credit card, or other account numbers.

iDovos is based on a patented technology called Positive Identity Control™. Unlike other identity protection systems, iDovos actually prevents the occurrence of identity theft and transaction fraud by preventing use of your identity for new credit, account access and card use.

Control the use of your identity

The key to iDovos is personal control over how your identity is used. Once you protect your personal credit, account or credit card, the system immediately notifies transaction verification services and consumer reporting agencies that no transactions are to be approved for the protected identity asset.

Identity theft – a definition

“Identity theft occurs when somebody steals your name and other personal information for fraudulent purposes. Identity theft is a form of identity crime (where somebody uses a false identity to commit a crime).”

Notice the word “uses” in the last sentence of the definition. iDovos™ works by protecting and controlling use of assets associated with your identity.

iDovos is based on three principles:

  1. It will never be possible to keep identity information from being stolen. The market value of this information is simply too great and the information too widely dispersed to prevent theft.
  2. The best way to reduce the incidence of identity theft is to make use of identity information a worthless endeavor.
  3. You will always be the best guardian of your identity because you are the one with the most to lose if your identity is not properly protected.



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