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Protecting your identity should be as easy as flipping a switch…

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Now it is that easy

The iDovos® ID fraud prevention system, developed by Mantissa Corporation, protects identity by giving you pinpoint control over when and how your identity is used. Credit and debit cards, bank and brokerage accounts, personal credit, and even identification numbers and official documentation can all be protected with the ease and simplicity of “flipping a switch.”


Financial Services Interface Overview

Give customers the keys; it’s their turn to drive.

It’s human nature to want to chart your own course; everyone wants to be in charge of their own destiny. Unfortunately, control is no longer the norm when it comes to identity. ID theft and ID fraud are growing at an unprecedented rate. Especially hard hit, the U.S. economy has suffered billions of dollars in damage. Estimates indicate that ID theft and fraud will exceed the value of the illegal drug trade.

iDovos began as a simple idea in response to the question “If I own my identity why can’t I control how it is used?”. The answer, of course, is that you can.

We invite you to join the revolution in personal identity management.

                                                                                              The iDovos Team

iDovos™ is an ID theft/fraud prevention service that employs a patent pending technology called Positive Identity Control™ (PIC).

PIC is unique in that it gives the individual control over use of their identity and identity assets. PIC answers the following question for every transaction which relies on identity use:

Has the identity owner given consent for their identity to be used at this point in time and for this specific identity asset?

Financial services firms, such as banks, financial advisors, stock markets, investment companies, loan institutions, credit unions, etc., process enormous transaction volumes each day. These systems typically employ an user ID and password as a preliminary means of account access authorization. Many companies also employ n-factor authorization systems for additional authorization assurance.

PIC integration provides the transaction processor with an individual’s intent (state) at a specific point in time for each protected account. If identity use is not permitted, the transaction should be denied without further evaluation. Otherwise, the authorization process proceeds in a normal manner.

Although this overview focuses on account-level protection, an “identity asset” can be any account feature you want to permit the customer to protect. For instance a checking account could be protected at the account level. However, it is possible to differentiate and protect additional features of the account relationship. A good example of an account feature you might want to protect as a separate identity asset is the wire transfer capability for the account.