Mantissa Product Families

zEnterprise VirtualizationzConsolidation

The goal of Mantissa’s z86VM™ product is to provide a simple, more secure and resilient virtual x86 server and virtual desktop solution at lower cost than competitors. Businesses are replacing technology rapidly at great cost and inefficiency when spread across a large number of devices. z86VM, running on the IBM zEnterprise class servers, can dramatically reduce the number of system footprints while at the same time improving security and business resilience. Most important, it can be binary compatible with existing x86 implementations which can simplify migration and speed deployment.

Consolidation, Integration, Security, Resilience and Cost Savings

Buseinsses running existing zEnterprise servers can quickly leverage the best of both System z and x86 architectures under a single hardware platform. In doing so, they can leverage the commodity desktop and server infrastructure of x86 and the value of transaction processing and database serving of System z.

For businesses with a large volume of x86 instances, z86VM can provide a valuable deployment alternative that helps the business reduce capital and operations costs, simplify the operational environment and improve the security and resilience of their operations.

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Managing and Distributing Massive Amounts of Information

Mantissa AOM

Advanced Output Management

AOM is a cohesive and comprehensive family of products which fully automates the storage, access, reporting and distribution of information. The system automatically handles bundling, banner page generation, tracking and archiving of reports from multiple applications. Reports are automatically directed to print, VTAM device, microfiche, online viewing, PC or other desired media.

With THE REPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM® (RMS®) you can achieve a paperless report distribution strategy, with redistribution possible at will, by the page or for the entire report.

Mission critical is an understatement

With features such as true 24x7x365 operation. AOM delivers the most powerful automation solution available for report distribution and management. Its layered architecture permits you to fine-tune system operations to meet your specific needs. It is possible to install the entire system all at once or to install and implement one component at a time. Each component you add results in significant cost reductions and improvements in productivity for a quick return on your investment.

AOM components:

RMS/Online™ – Makes reports from your applications available for viewing, automatically bundles, tracks and archives reports, and also directs reports to RMS/Spool for output and distribution.

RMS/Spool™ – This multi-access spool package handles VTAM destinations and performs the full range of spooling tasks. Spool also provides the capability to automatically distribute and download mainframe reports to RMS/DeskTop throughout the enterprise.

RMS/DeskTop™ – automatically distributes mainframe reports to PCs throughout the enterprise. Includes powerful capabilities for data extraction and conversion of mainframe reports into Lotus, dBASE and other PC formats. The user can automatically print and export from the PC.

Mantissa OPS/Master®
Operation Productivity Systems

Achieving True Data Center Efficiency

OPS™ is a family of high-powered software products that automate the entire range of data center operations. You can fully automate workload organization (flow control), improve system throughput, reduce data processing error rates, improve staff efficiency, enhance resource utilization and reduce error rates.

OPS integrates and performs operational functions, and offers comprehensive security facilities. The fast track to total automation OPS is the fastest and easiest way to automate your data center operations. In most cases the system can be installed and running in as little as two hours. Its extensive capabilities, coupled with quick implementation and ease of use, give it the best price/performance ratio of any data center automation system available today.

OPS components include:

JOB/Master® – Automates the production process, providing fully automated scheduling, reduced manual intervention, enhanced problem determination and improved production support. With its advanced design, Job/Master offers unrivaled speed of implementation, superior ease of use, full security and unmatched facilities for the control and monitoring of external jobs.

RUN/Master® – Automatically controls the entire job rerun procedure, accounting for the adjustment of GDG (generated data group) relative numbers, dataset scratching and the uncataloging of datasets which are to be recreated in the rerun. The system maintains an online database and offers extensive tracking facilities for analyzing production status and recurrent causes of job resubmissions.

CONSOLE/Master® – automatically manages and controls functions. The system allows entry of console commands from any TSO terminal, offers an integrated event processor and provides full security through ISF.

CONSOLE/Master’s database module gives users an easy-to-use ISPF dialogue for inputting and controlling console message and reply functions.