Mantissa: Problem Severity

When you contact Technical Support, you and your Technical Support Analyst will agree on and assign a severity classification to your problem. The severity should always be set to a reasonable and realistic level, reserving the severity level 1 classification for only extremely urgent situations. As research into the problem progresses, it is possible to change the severity level.

The possible severity classifications are:

Severity 1:
Issues preventing your ability to conduct day-to-day business, such as an inaccessible or inoperable production system, lack of data integrity, data corruption, or data unavailability.
Severity 2: Issues impacting your ability to conduct day-to-day business.
Severity 3: Issues that do not immediately impact your production environment or significantly affect the product’s operations. This is the default level.
Severity 4: Product upgrade testing.


Technical Support and Development will work on a severity 1 problem 24 hours a day to provide a resolution. Because we are dedicated to resolving these issues as quickly as possible, we ask that you be available 24 hours a day, so that Technical Support can obtain any further documentation required to continue resolving the problem. If Technical Support cannot contact you when documentation is required, a severity 1 problem report will be dropped to severity 2 until you become available to provide Technical Support with documentation.

Technical Support will work with you until you have recovered from any problem that a Mantissa product may have caused and/or you have a reasonable work-around, and then continue to work to resolve the problem within the product.