How to Report a Problem

Mantissa Corporation provides technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central Standard Time. During these hours, your call will be routed to our in-house team of Technical Support Analysts who can best handle your product issue.

For production software emergencies after business hours, on Holidays, and on weekends, we will attempt to connect you to a Technical Support Analyst.  Your patience is requested as this process may take several minutes.  If a Support Analyst is not immediately available then you will be prompted to leave an emergency message and a Technical Support Analyst will return your call promptly.

Mantissa Technical Support also provides a method to submit your question online.  Questions or issues may be sent about a specific product or you may ask a general technical support question. Simply complete and submit the feedback form and your question will be directed to the appropriate Technical Support team.

What we need to know

In order to expedite the resolution of your issue more rapidly, have the following information ready when you contact us:

  • Customer ID (if you have already been assigned one) *
  • Mantissa product name
  • Product version information vv.rm (version, release, modification level)
  • System make and model
  • Operating system and release
  • Problem type
  • Problem Severity (How is this defined?)
  • Specific error codes and/or messages
  • Steps to duplicate the problem (where possible/applicable)
* If you do not already have a ‘Customer ID’ don’t worry about it. You will be assigned one once your trouble ticket is opened.

Name: *
E-mail: *
Customer name: *
Customer ID
Mantissa Product Name: *
Product version information vv.rm (version, release, modification level) *
System Make and Model: *
Operating System and Release *
Problem type: *
Problem Severity *
Specific error codes or messages:
Additional Description:
Steps to duplicate the problem (where possible/applicable)
Word Verification:

Additional documentation may be required during the ongoing problem resolution process…