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All organizations depend on the flow of business information generated by applications systems and distributed to hundreds – perhaps thousands, of internal and external endpoints. It is absolutely critical that this information be managed smoothly and efficiently. Because anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of the total information and services produced take the form of documents your choice of output management systems is crucial to the ongoing success and efficiency of your organization

Advanced Output Management (AOM) is a set of proven systems that gives you complete ability to gather, manage, and deliver your business-critical information.

AOM uses a unique information management approach called Asynchronous Functional Task Execution and Resolution (AFTER). Because AFTER differentiates and logically separates tasks that have nothing to do with customer satisfaction (Space recovery, Index maintenance, etc.) from tasks that have EVERYTHING to do with customer satisfaction (on time availability, print delivery, resources used), it ensures higher customer satisfaction levels.

With AOM you gain the benefit of being able to fully implement an output management strategy instead of just an output management system. Powerful capabilities to organize, access and distribute data help you leverage information, enhance service, reduce errors and increase delivery efficiency. Your data center becomes more efficient, more productive and easier to manage.

Absolute power for absolute effectiveness

RMS goes far beyond conventional systems. Its tremendous power and reliability provide trouble-free 24x7x365 operation for around-the-clock efficiency and productivity. RMS gives you effortless access and viewing of reports from your applications. It automatically bundles, tracks and archives reports, and directs reports to RMS/Spool for output and distribution. Makes as many as nine reports available during a single viewing session. Puts the power of automation to work for your data center.

RMS gives you a more effective reporting environment, for a more effective enterprise.

Breaking the bottleneck

The enterprise depends on the data center for efficient storage, easy access and instant availability of information — at all times, with no errors. Conventional report management systems stop short of the total solution. Reports are often lost or sent to the wrong location. Critical data can’t be found or accessed. Information arrives late. Time is wasted. Opportunities lost. Costs spiral in terms of paper, time and effort. The data center falls behind, users are dissatisfied and the enterprise suffers.

RMS replaces conventional report management strategies with the most powerful automation solution available. With RMS, data is gathered and arranged within your company system. Information is instantly available for viewing on the workstation screen. Multiple reports can be viewed, compared, annotated and reformatted. No more error-prone print jobs.

No more reports delivered to the wrong locations.

RMS gives you the total automation solution, for total information management.

Exceptional payback with unlimited potential RMS delivers the robust capabilities, extensibility and reliability crucial to effective data center operation. You’ll recover your investment in record time, enhance the usability of information, position yourself for future growth, and never stop short of your full potential.