iDovos: Commerce Benefits – Partnership

Protecting your identity should be as easy as flipping a switch…

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Now it is that easy

The iDovos® ID fraud prevention system, developed by Mantissa Corporation, protects identity by giving you pinpoint control over when and how your identity is used. Credit and debit cards, bank and brokerage accounts, personal credit, and even identification numbers and official documentation can all be protected with the ease and simplicity of “flipping a switch.”




Mantissa is currently seeking to form partnerships with asset-providers in both the private as well as the public sector. By offering iDovos as a personal ID management service option, an organization provides its clients with a technology that revolutionizes the way in which identity is managed, and whose fundamental concept is as simple and effective as that of a light switch. iDovos sends a clear message that the asset-provider is sincerely dedicated to providing its clientele with the most failsafe means possible of preventing identity fraud.


Essentially, any organization that provides an identity-based asset to the consumer will benefit from offering iDovos. Among these are:

 Private Sector

  • Banks
  • Credit card providers
  • Brokerage firms
  • CRA’s
 Public Sector – Government overseers:

  1. Social Security
  2. Immigration
  3. Taxation
  4. Licensure


 With iDovos:


  1. The identity owner exerts pinpoint control over the accessibility of his or her own assets, creating an airtight layer of security.
  2. The asset-provider, by furnishing its clientele with a truly effective means of ID fraud prevention, will feel the burden of loss remediation lighten significantly as they are called upon less and less to reverse the damage created by ID fraud.
  3. The Identity thief sees his target devalued, and will eventually have to find a new line of work.


Good guys win…