OPS™ – Operation Productivity Systems™

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OPS™ is a family of high-powered productivity software products which automates all data center operations. OPS™ fully automates the organization of workload (flow control), improves system throughput, reduces data processing error rates, improves staff efficiencies, promotes better utilization of data center resources and delivers enhanced error rate capability. The system integrates and performs operational functions, plus offers comprehensive security facilities. OPS’s Flagship product is the OPS/Master  family of products. The advanced design of OPS/Master™ allows you to install and begin using the system in just a few hours. The extensive capabilities of the system, coupled with its quick implementation and ease of use, give it the best price/performance of any data center automation system available today. The OPS/Master products consists of the following:

Quick implementation is a matter of viewpoint

How can a full-featured, high-powered automation package possibly be so fast to implement? Because we built it that way. OPS is designed from an operation manager’s viewpoint, with a focus on the real-world needs of the data center. No presumptions. No conjecture. Just hard working reality. And one part of that reality is the need for quick implementation with minimum downtime, no operating system modifications and no IPL. Exactly what these systems deliver. Budgets too, are part of that reality. OPS answers that requirement as well, providing top performance at a price that won’t break the bank. In fact, OPS’ power and price add up to the best price/performance ratio of any production management system, anywhere in the industry.

Real World Capabilities

Total automated control of all daily production and scheduling activities. TSO/ISPF interface. Job set-up facilities. Complete on-line production statistics and more. OPS™ delivers automation to solve the real-world needs of today’s data center. The system is designed for real use by real people. Intuitive menus and prompted screens let you perform data definition and program functions with fill-in-the-blank ease. No system anywhere is easier to operate.

Job schedule control inside and out

OPS provides integration and automation for your entire business processing environment. It not only gives you full control of your internal job schedule, but also controls external jobs and schedules system commands. Job schedule control inside and out is one more thing  OPS does better than any other system.

Automation to eliminate repetition

Repetitive activities are time consuming, costly and error-prone. With OPS, repetitive data center operations are a thing of the past. Programs are integrated and interactive, sharing data automatically, and allowing all ISPF functions to be active simultaneously. The need for operator entry of repetitive data is eliminated. Your staff moves to other important activities, dramatically improving data center throughput and productivity.

A Security Facility to Keep Your Facilities Secure

Security is a critical aspect of any data center. Business information is irreplaceable and must be constantly safeguarded. With OPS™, security is maintainable at user level with Integrated Security Facility (ISF), the system’s integral security component. With ISF, your system administrator can define individual functions, customize user access, and authorize TSO user access within OPS. Which means your data center security can be tailored to your specific needs.

Plus security of easy system maintenance

OPS uses only standard operating system facilities for system maintenance. No assemblies are required for ongoing maintenance, and CSA usage is minimal. OPS is designed to keep system uptime at a maximum so that your ability to operate is secure, day in and day out.